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Marketing Opportunities

Your participation in this effort can be on any one of several levels. The level of our participation in marketing your goods or services using the Scorpion Racing racecars as a medium will depend on your commitment in this area. Exposure by, and involvement of, your business with this race team is available on seven tiers. The total marketing partner investment may be priced for participation involving one car, with multiple car participation available at a 20 percent discount. These levels of participation are based on a “normal” full season of racing. The team management reserves the right to determine the number of events in which each car will participate. It is anticipated that each car will participate in a minimum of five events per season. Additional commitments by advertisers above and beyond the normal schedule (substantial out of region schedule, National Runoffs, etc.) will increase total cost to advertising partners on a per event basis. Minimum commitment for each of the levels is one complete season.


Exclusive sponsor of car: Platinum sponsor precludes team from any other sponsor except where the sanctioning body or available event contingency awards require attachment of sponsoring company logos or stickers.  Contact us today for partnership information.

GOLD PARTNER   (1 available per car) · Gold level sponsors can be located both on the hood and trunk, or either the hood or the trunk and the top of the car.

SILVER PARTNER  (3 available per car) · Silver level sponsors can be located either on the hood, trunk or the roof of the car.  

TITANIUM PARTNER   (8 available per car) · All Titanium level sponsors will receive space on both sides of the car for their name. Decals with the company’s logo are encouraged.  · Titanium level sponsors can be located either on the upper half of the front quarter panel, the lower half of the door, or either the upper or lower half of the rear quarter panel.

NICKEL PARTNER   (10 available per car)  · Nickel level sponsors will be located on the lower half of the front quarter panel of the car.

STAINLESS PARTNER   (10 available per car) · Stainless level sponsors will be located on the lower half of the front quarter panel of the car.  

Trade of parts or services for advertising space on car (Equivalent to a Stainless Level sponsorship depending on services rendered), Diamond Plate level sponsors will receive space on both sides of the car for their name. Decals with the company’s logo are encouraged.  Details TBD on an individual basis (replaces 1 or more Stainless Level sponsorships).

In addition, product endorsements and parts trades can be combined with lower level sponsorships to move advertiser to the next sponsor level.


Advertising partners should inquire about promotional opportunities involving exclusive business type sponsorships and additional signage on the exterior of team trailers and RV’s.  Partners who purchase logo space on the race trailer will receive a 6”X 36” logo on the rear of the trailer at no additional charge!   Logo spaces available are on the front, middle or rear side of the trailer, and are priced according to size of the logo desired.  Logo spaces are also available on the race team tow vehicle, on the hood, and on the front, middle and rear of both sides.  The marketing partner will provide the vinyl logos for use on Scorpion Racing vehicles, or Scorpion Racing Team can provide these at an additional charge.

Contact us today for partnership information.

For Your Information…
·Marketing Partner’s logos will remain on the car (s) at all times throughout the contracted race season. They will be visible during transport to and from the track and will be prominently displayed on the car during race weekends.
·Marketing Partner’s printed material will be available to interested parties in the sponsored vehicle’s Pit area throughout each race weekend. A member of the Scorpion Team (or a member of your staff) will act as a company spokesperson and pass out company-provided literature if appropriate and allowable by individual track regulations (these vary from track to track).
·The cars will be made available on non-race weekends to Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsors, based on their level of participation, on a space available basis, for an additional appearance fee.
·Pictures of the cars will be provided to all season sponsors of all levels for display in places of business.
·Advertising in the race program for scheduled weekend events is available at additional expense to the sponsor through the local track’s business office or the SCCA regional business office where a particular event is being held. Scorpion Racing Group personnel can assist you in layout and design suggestions, and can act as a liaison with the publishers and your business.
·Advertising in the Washington D.C. Region's "StraightPipe", Florida Region’s “Torque” and Central Florida Region's "The Checker" (distributed to all region club members) is also available at additional expense to the sponsor through the regional business office. As with the race program, Scorpion Racing Group personnel will work with your staff to make your display ad successful.
·Advertising in the SCCA’s national monthly publication “Sportscar” (distributed to all National club members) is also available to businesses targeting regional/national clientele or businesses through the club office in Topeka. As with the above two advertising options Scorpion Racing can help your staff design an effective marketing campaign to attract this highly motivated consumer.
·Advertising in racing and other enthusiast magazines is available for all sponsors through the publication’s advertising departments. Scorpion Racing will assist you and the publication staff in designing an effective campaign using the sponsored vehicle as a marketing tool.
·Billboard space for sponsors at participating tracks depending on availability.
·Sponsorship of individual races at participating tracks is also available for individual businesses.
·Any and all published descriptions of the car will include sponsor’s business name and location.
·Partial season sponsors will be added on a space available basis.

·Per event space on the front and rear of the car is available on a first come first serve basis for $500.00 each spot/each event.

All sponsorship agreements will be in writing and binding contracts on all parties. Billing for sponsorships will be payable in advance, upon signing of the agreement, or with a 50% deposit and monthly payments due for 6 months thereafter. Contracts are non-cancelable. Should sponsor become 60 days delinquent in payment the entire balance of the contract becomes due and payable immediately. The sponsored car will not carry the sponsorship logos until the obligations are settled in full.


Contact us today for partnership information!!!


Scorpion Racing Group looks forward to working with you and your staff to make this an effective marketing partnership and go “Outside The Box” to tell the thousands of SCCA Regional and National race fans about your business and the services your firm provides.

Thank you for your interest in Scorpion Racing Group.